Need for innovation in camera and lens strategies

Camera makers face more competition than ever. The rapid rise of the smartphone as a popular tool for photos and videos have induced manufacturers to invest more in phone camera imaging capabilities, allowing them to come increasingly close to the performance of traditional cameras and lenses. A successful response requires not just deep experience in standalone camera design, but an ability to incorporate some of the best ideas and technologies from other markets to create competitive products.

Standalone cameras require both industry-leading image quality and an extensive and challenging set of user features

Increasing competition from new imaging platforms requires maintaining excellent image quality in smaller and lighter form factors than ever before. Cameras are now also expected to provide extensive zoom capability without a noticeable reduction in image quality, along with improved low-light performance. Camera vendors also face the challenge of staying ahead of computational imaging features provided in smartphones by harnessing new, often AI-driven features that help “digitize the photographer.”

DXOMARK Solutions and Services

When it comes to cameras, what counts most is what consumers get from their device in real life. A combination of factors, from optics and sensors to software, impact user experience. Our DXOMARK benchmarks provide a user-centered evaluation of the real-world performance of your cameras and lenses—an analysis that is critically helpful throughout the design and testing process. Specifically:

Consulting and Benchmarking: We provide benchmarking services that can help you compare the performance of various camera components and their impact on image quality before the design phase of camera development. Further, our consulting services can help you tune and optimize your device throughout the camera development cycle. Learn more. 

Analyzer: We also offer Analyzer, a complete hardware and software lab and measurement solution. Analyzer consists of various modules that you can use to perform various photo and video quality measurements and perceptual analysis. Using Workflow Manager from Analyzer, you can even customize your workflows, thus increasing lab efficiency and output. Learn more.