Our solutions and services are used in all imaging industries

Our solutions and services are relevant to all sectors of the digital imaging industry, including:

  • Standalone DSLR and DSC camera makers
  • Smartphone manufacturers and camera module makers
  • Image sensor and ISP chip designers
  • Video-based driver assistance systems
  • Drone makers
  • 360-degree, Virtual and Augmented Reality companies
  • Surveillance, Space, and Defense companies

This includes those designing cameras for machine and computer vision, in addition to more-traditional still and video imaging applications.

Hundreds of prestigious manufacturers in the imaging market use Analyzer, including all top ten DSC manufacturers and all of the leading smartphone and camera module makers.

Our DxOMark website — with its unique image quality database powered by Analyzer — supports the photographic trade press, journalists, and consumer test labs which rely on accurate and vendor-independent data about digital image quality for their articles and reports.

Many photographic magazines and a majority of specialized digital photography websites that publish technical reviews of smartphones, digital cameras, and lenses trust DxOMark for consistent camera, lens, and smartphone image quality scoring.