As of November 2018, has been online for 10 years!

Sharing a glimpse of our new office on our 10-year anniversary:

DxOMark Image Labs is an industry-leading supplier of image quality testing hardware, software, and consulting services, as well as the publisher of Formerly part of DxO Labs, we are now an independent private company headquartered in Paris, France, with offices in Taiwan and the USA, and with distributors in China, Japan, and Taiwan.

Image Quality Services

Our benchmarking and consulting customers include companies in a variety of industries, including manufacturers of mobile devices, cameras, lenses, and drones. Combined, our customers have shipped hundreds of millions of imaging devices with our assistance in design, testing, tuning, and volume production. Our world-class technical team has the opportunity to work with the latest imaging technologies as they are developed by leading camera and smartphone companies., the reference for image quality

Since its launch in 2008,, our consumer-facing image benchmarking site, has become the most popular and the most comprehensive source for independent test results on standalone cameras, lenses, and mobile device imagers. Backed by our dedicated team of imaging engineers, DxOMark scores are derived from scientifically-sound, repeatable test protocols powered by our own software and hardware products.


Both our consulting business and are made possible by our Analyzer product line. Analyzer is a full suite of image quality measurement software modules and custom hardware for testing and tuning both still and video imaging devices. Analyzer-powered labs are in use by many top camera and smartphone manufacturers worldwide. Analyzer development in turn leverages our decade of experience in image quality testing and consulting to incorporate industry best practices into the product.
We also offer product training, support, and lab setup assistance in conjunction with Analyzer.

Our History

Founded in 2003

DxOMark Image Labs began as the image quality evaluation business and technical team of DxO Labs when it was founded in 2003. The team introduced its first product that year, Analyzer (previously called DxO Analyzer)— the industry’s first comprehensive suite of hardware and software for camera testing and tuning. Besides providing this solution to the industry, the team used that expertise to support the design of image processors (ISPs) for many leading smartphone brands over the following decade. More recently, their efforts have been entirely focused on providing testing solutions and consulting services to dozens of industry-leading camera and mobile device makers to assist them in testing, benchmarking, and improving their camera designs, including ISP and optics.

DxOMark launched in 2008

As part of DxO Labs, the team launched the website in 2008, with detailed image quality benchmarks and reviews of hundreds of cameras and lenses. It quickly became the industry’s leading source of independent image quality test results — now with over 10,000 camera and lens combinations tested.

DxOMark Mobile introduced in 2012

In 2012, we expanded to include the testing of mobile device cameras, especially smartphones. DxOMark Mobile has become indispensable for vendors, consumers, and the media alike. Test results cover a wide array of photographic and lighting situations, as well as a variety of use cases for both still photography and video. Manufacturers and the media often cite the DxOMark overall score as a figure of merit for evaluating smartphone image quality. However, a variety of sub-scores allow for more detailed analysis of the pros and cons of tested devices. Succinct reviews also serve to showcase key findings of our tests.

2017 — DxOMark Mobile updated

In 2017, DxOMark Mobile received its first major overhaul, expanding to include over 1,500 test images and two hours of video for each device tested. Additionally, we added tests to cover the Zoom and Bokeh (Depth) features that have become common on newer model smartphones.

2017 — DxOMark Image Labs becomes an independent company

In September 2017, DxOMark Image Labs spun off from DxO Labs (which still commercializes consumer photography software and camera products). As an independent company, DxOMark Image Labs’ product lines currently include our flagship Analyzer (formerly “DxO Analyzer’) hardware and software solution for image quality testing, benchmarking, and tuning; our image quality consulting and testing business; and the website. As one of our first acts as a new company, we introduced a Chinese version of, having recognized China’s importance in the rapidly-growing mobile device industry.

2019 — DxOMark begins publishing Selfie camera test results

In January 2019, published a number of test scores and reviews, along with articles about our new Selfie camera test protocol.