New Analyzer 7.2 with improved video testing

PARIS – April 14, 2020 – New Analyzer 7.2 with improved video testing

The latest version of Analyzer comes with an extended Video & Stabilization module that contains new equipment for making additional noise, texture, and color measurements from a video clip. It also comes with an ultra-fast dynamic lighting system that allows you to instantaneously change lighting conditions over a wide range of illuminance — from ultra-low light (0.5 lux) to bright light (1700 lux), meaning that camera testers will be able to perform more comprehensive video analyses in challenging simulated environments. The new Video & Stabilization module features lab test scenarios used by DXOMARK testing teams.

To use the latest 7.2 upgrade, you need to be equipped with Analyzer 7, the Workflow Manager and the Video & Stabilization legacy module.

Contact us for any questions about Analyzer 7.2.

About Analyzer: Analyzer is our image quality measurement suite for measuring, benchmarking and optimizing digital imaging applications in such industries as aerospace, automotive, consumer photo & video, medical, smartphones, action cameras, defense & surveillance, and more. We provide several optional services, including support lab installation, as well as on-site training and support. We have installed over 150 Analyzer labs worldwide. For more information, click here.