The need for a mobile device camera strategy

With more competition than ever in the market for smartphones and other mobile devices, cameras have become an increasingly important product differentiator. They have also grown in number and complexity, requiring those who want to lead in the industry to have a well-thought-out approach to their specifications, design, development, testing, and manufacture.

Smartphone cameras need to meet increasing image quality goals and add new features without violating tight cost and space constraints

Mobile device cameras are expected to offer a broad range of capabilities, including zoom, low-light modes, and artificial bokeh—all in a small size and at low cost. The introduction of multi-camera modules has resulted in additional requirements for precise calibration and tuning to ensure smooth transitions between sensors and lenses. Expertise in deploying computational imaging technologies is also a requirement for being competitive. Increasingly, users also expect magic in the form of AI-enhanced image processing to get the most from their phone cameras.

DXOMARK Solutions and Services

For well over a decade, we’ve helped dozens of mobile device makers test and tune their cameras. Our customers have relied on our expertise to improve the photo and video capabilities of over a billion shipped devices. You can leverage our knowledge and experience through:

Consulting and Benchmarking: Throughout the development process, we provide tailored services for every stage that can help you improve the output of your mobile cameras. Just as we do with our famous benchmarks for mobile rear and front cameras, we customize our services based on users’ experiences, taking into account the most common real-life use cases and designing our methods and services to match them. With that in mind, we can help your team with its camera architecture and product design choices, as well as with creating vendor specifications, performance goals, and milestones. Learn more. 

Analyzer: We also offer Analyzer, a complete hardware and software lab and measurement solution. Analyzer consists of various modules that you can used to perform various photo and video quality measurements and perceptual analysis of mobile rear and front cameras. Using Workflow Manager from Analyzer, you can even customize your workflows thus increasing lab efficiency and output. Learn more.