Upgrade to Analyzer 7: Customized workflow, greater automation

Image quality testing is no easy task. From image capture right through to analysis and report generation, the testing process needs to be comprehensive and should be automated as much as possible to ensure maximum flexibility. Analyzer 7 provides increased customization and automation of the testing workflow, as well as greater compatibility with DxOMark tests.

New Features & Modules

  • Automated Moving Object (AMO), to speed up testing and introduce motion in lab scenes
  • Workflow Manager, to customize and automate workflows
  • Perceptual Analysis module, to assess various image quality attributes using perceptual tests

Other improvements include the ability to process DNG format images, and to measure 16-bit images for radial MTF; and faster and more reliable lighting control.

AMO (Automated Moving Object)

Lab scenes need to simulate real-life complexities such as motion, and taking measurements needs to be effortless and rapid while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Composed of a Moving Background and an automated Defocusing Object, the Automated Moving Object (AMO) by Analyzer addresses both of these points, and can be used in testing AF, motion blur, noise, texture, white balance, etc.


  • Moving Background accurately imitates dynamic scenes
  • Defocusing Object provides precise and repeatable movements
  • Automated image and video capture
  • Reduces testing time by 33%
  • Compliant with ISO 20490
  • Compliant with DxOMark Mobile (AF, Texture & Noise) protocols
  • Robust, industrial-strength hardware system


  • Moving Background and Defocusing Object
  • Automated workflow: lighting control, image capture, and data analysis
  • Standalone setup

Workflow Manager

Image quality testing can be tedious due to the sheer number of shots needed, and because of the inflexibility of the testing tools. Workflow Manager from Analyzer 7 allows you to customize and automate your image quality testing workflow.


  • Save Time: measurement to report generation in 1/30th of the time
  • Liberate engineers and resources on account to automation
  • Generate your own reports and create your own measurements
  • Design your own automated lab

Perceptual Analysis Module

Perceptual analysis complements quantitative measurements to provide a complete assessment of image quality. A lab-based testing protocol provides repeatable testing scenarios for reliable scores. Simulating many real life indoor & outdoor conditions, Analyzer 7 provides a comprehensive testing setup for a wide range of perceptual analyses.

  • Bokeh setup
  • DxOMark chart
  • Natural Scene setup