New advanced autofocus testing setup

Users expect to have fast and accurate autofocus. DxO Analyzer now lets you characterize your camera’s autofocus effectiveness with even greater depth and precision.

DxO Analyzer AF measurement

  • Uses DxO Texture chart and DxO Universal LED Timer

  • Characterizes camera AF sharpness, repeatability, time lag, and acutance irregularity

Advanced features

  • Compatible with all AF technologies

  • Automated image capture and PC-controlled synchronization with DxO AF setup

  • Simple, robust, and straightforward workflow

  • Tests devices with the most powerful AF  

Enhanced testing workflow automation

Testing automation is a must in most industries, and not only for production line or quality control. Even within a R&D department, it is critical to automate camera testing as much as possible, since a complete image quality characterization may involve hundreds or thousands of test shots under various capture conditions.
Our new software add-on, the DxO Sequencer, lets you automatically control and sync discrete testing operations, such as setting up lighting conditions and launching a shaker platform (simulating camera motion), triggering a capture, or even launching a third-party application. The diagram at right shows the devices you can now control and chain within your testing workflow.

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