Engineering services and tools for Audio, Battery, Camera & Display quality evaluation

Testing and Benchmarking

Whether it is cameras, displays, batteries or audio quality, our benchmarking and testing customers seek our assistance in areas such as design, testing, tuning, and volume production. Our world-class technical team, in turn, gets the opportunity to work on the latest technologies during their development phase.     

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Analyzer is a full suite of image quality measurement software modules and custom hardware for testing and tuning both still and video imaging devices. Analyzer-powered labs are in use by many top camera and smartphone manufacturers worldwide. Our benchmarking business is made possible by our Analyzer product line

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We offer an extensive instructional curriculum that includes intensive workshops and longer expert seminars. Seminar topics cover all that is needed to know for evaluating image, audio, battery and display quality of consumer electronics. Our team is also available to develop customized workshops either at your location or at our offices. 


If you have a smartphone or stand-alone digital camera, odds are that DXOMARK had a role in creating it.

DXOMARK is a French engineering services company whose testing, software, and benchmarking services help smartphone, speaker and digital camera makers create the best possible products. Its website — — is the world’s largest online source of digital image, audio and display quality ratings, trusted by consumers and industry leaders to produce objective, accurate analyses of the performance of new products.
From our offices near Paris, engineers and scientists at DXOMARK from 20 countries work with the world’s top smartphone makers, speaker manufacturers, camera companies, component manufacturers, and many other firms whose products use digital imaging and audio. Driven by a rigorous scientific approach, we provide benchmarking services at all stages of digital imaging, display, battery and audio system development, from initial specifications to the tuning of post-processing algorithms.
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No matter the type or use of camera, we can assist in its development — from concept to tuning to refining standards for final production. More than 1 billion cameras and smartphones have directly benefited from our expertise.


From the earliest phases of design through tuning and production, our Audio lab and engineers are dedicated to helping you get the best possible audio performance which has become essential to consumer satisfaction.          


In 2020, our Display lab and engineers created benchmarks for digital displays on smartphones, TVs, tablets, computers, and a wide range of other products, including the screens and readouts in vehicles of all sorts.


We have developed a comprehensive test protocol that evaluates the entire battery experience, from battery life to charging and efficiency. Exclusive state of the art tools have been specifically designed to run our tests.

The DXOMARK Advantage

Created and led by scientists and engineers, DXOMARK is founded on scientific integrity and a never-ending quest for excellence. We created the best system in the industry for measuring performance in digital imaging; and for more than a decade, our teams have helped the world’s top smartphone and camera companies develop and optimize new products. Our imaging, display, audio and battery specialists anticipate users’ needs and design testing equipment and protocols for evaluating new technologies and use cases.

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