Great products meet users’ needs and exceed their expectations. By assisting you with the tasks of defining goals that reflect user requirements, developing a science-based process for achieving them, and measuring progress along the way, DXOMARK can help ensure that your imaging products are a hit with your users.
Company History

Serving industry leaders worldwide

For over a decade, we at DXOMARK have been dedicated to assisting industry leaders with testing and improving the image quality and performance of their cameras. We have expanded since then and now provide consulting services at all stages of digital imaging and audio system development, from initial specifications to the tuning of post-processing algorithms. We provide solutions and services for various sectors including:

Wearable and AR/VR
device makers

Smartphone manufacturers
Camera module makers
Image sensor and ISP chip designers

Conventional and
360-degree camera makers

Drone and
Action camera manufacturers

Automotive and ADAS manufacturers

Surveillance, Space,
and Defense companies

The DXOMARK Advantage

We have over 10 years of experience in assisting industry leaders in improving their imaging products. Our R&D and Engineering team consists of imaging and audio specialists who not only deliver what clients need but are capable of anticipating user needs and designing testing equipment and protocols for evaluating new technologies and use cases. Some of our unique qualifications include:

We publish, the trusted standard for image quality benchmarks among industry and press

We use state-of-the-art labs to perform tests, most developed in-house.

Over a billion cameras and smartphones shipped have benefited from our expertise

We have been instrumental in raising image quality of smartphones to the level of standalone cameras

We have a dedicated team of specialists including technicians, engineers and scientists to assist with your product development

As active members of key IEEE and ISO working groups we help define industry standards

Products and Services

Consulting and Benchmarking

Our benchmarking and consulting customers include companies in a variety of industries, including mobile devices, cameras, lenses, drones, automotive and surveillance who seek our assistance in improving image and audio quality. They make use of our help in design, testing, tuning, and volume production. Our world-class technical team benefits from working with the latest imaging technologies as they are developed by leading camera and smartphone companies.

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Both our consulting business and are made possible by our Analyzer product line. Analyzer is a full suite of image quality measurement software modules and custom hardware for testing and tuning both still and video imaging devices. Analyzer-powered labs are in use by many top camera and smartphone manufacturers worldwide. Analyzer development in turn leverages our decade of experience in image quality testing and consulting to incorporate industry best practices. In addition to Analyzer hardware and software, we also offer product training, support, and lab setup assistance.

Learn More!, the industry reference for image quality, our consumer-facing image quality benchmarking site, has become the most popular and the most comprehensive source for independent test results and reviews of standalone cameras, lenses, and smartphone cameras. Backed by a dedicated team of imaging engineers, DXOMARK scores are derived from scientifically-sound, repeatable test protocols powered by our own software and hardware. Recent enhancements have included a dedicated selfie-camera test suite, as well as tests for advanced capabilities such as Zoom and Bokeh. In October 2019, introduced audio test scores and rankings for smartphone playback and recording quality.

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We offer an extensive instructional curriculum on image quality. It includes intensive workshops and longer expert seminars. Seminar topics will include HDR/Exposure, Autofocus, Bokeh, Color, and Selfie cameras. Our team is also available to develop customized workshops, that can be offered either on your site or in our offices.

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