With our state-of-the-art labs, expert scientists and engineers, and more than a decade of experience, DXOMARK’s engineering and consulting services help clients through the entire development cycle of a large array of imaging devices, from smartphone cameras to surveillance systems. Our Audio lab and engineers have the same dedication to helping clients make their products the best they can possibly be, and we will soon unveil a new Display team and lab.

Always focused on user experience, our teams deliver high-level consulting services, from initial specifications, tuning, and testing, all the way to volume manufacturing.

The way we work

Our Camera, Audio, and Display teams accompany you throughout the process of creating and optimizing a product, with an emphasis on measurable benchmarks and scientific integrity.


No matter the type of specs you use, we can assist in developing its architecture and then creating component requirements based on customer and product needs. In addition, we can help you define quality control specifications and performance requirements for use with your procurement (RFI/RFQ) process, along with assisting you in estimating likely image quality.


Your product design team can benefit from our experience in benchmarking. We help you evaluate your selected components against your product’s quality requirements and assist you with quality estimates. We can also provide detailed reports and theoretical analyses of quality based on science-based lab and field testing.


We can assist your team as it brings the first prototypes to life. During the pre-production stage, we can help with selecting golden samples, as well as with providing you ramp-up and pre-production analysis as the process goes forward.


As the components of your product come together, you can benefit from our assistance in optimizing and tuning your final device via firmware testing. In parallel with the integration process, we can evaluate performance against your key image quality goals (KPIs).


How your product performs when it gets to the customer depends not just on its hardware and software, but on how they are set to perform out of the box. We can work with your team to verify the final settings of your device to maximize how it performs compared with customer expectations.


Consistent product quality requires a high-performance manufacturing process that produces repeatable results. Our engineers can help ensure the quality compliance of your final devices through random sample testing, as well as with production test data monitoring and analysis.

Our expertise