DXOMARK assists customers in every phase of consumer and professional electronics development.

Every day, our scientists, engineers and technicians test, benchmark and support the optimization of a range of multimedia consumer electronics, including audio, photo, video, and display. Mindful of the need for sustainable development, we have also devised tools for testing the energy consumption and efficiency of smartphones and other mobile devices.

With more than 10 years’ experience, we have an in-depth understanding of how performance and technology have evolved over time. Our teams can deliver unique insights and services to your product development and marketing teams, including product specifications and quality target definitions, advanced tuning support, competitive benchmarking, and customized measurements for all kinds of products that feature camera, display, and/or audio functions. 

From quality target definitions to advanced tuning support

It is important to select components and technologies that can meet end-product quality targets early in the development cycle. Thanks to our extensive database of quality performance data, we can help you select the hardware and software components that are appropriate for your product positioning.

We can also support you during the software tuning phase, when your engineers need to adjust the hundreds of parameters of your digital signal processor to optimize your device’s performance in all relevant use cases to ensure a good end-user experience. 

Competitive benchmarking

From defining the initial product marketing requirements to developing and commercializing your product, it is essential for engineers and marketers to understand how new products compare against competing products in terms of user experience. Our in-depth quality database, which contains the test results of hundreds of consumer devices over more than 10 years, allows us to provide you with tailored benchmarking to let you accurately track how you are doing in the marketplace.

Quality database service

Our in-depth audio, battery, camera, display quality performance database for consumer electronics (smartphones, laptops, tablets, speakers, cameras and lenses) are also available as web services for clients looking to continuously track the evolution of products and technologies.

Customized quality testing services

We have many fully equipped testing labs and dedicated engineering teams for producing customized measurements of consumer and professional electronics. In addition to digital cameras, smartphones, laptops, and speakers, we have also performed measurements for drones, surveillance cameras, automotive sensors, and other products using camera, display, and/or audio components. We can provide such customized measurements for you, or we can rent to you one or more of our labs and provide training as necessary so that you can create and perform your own testing protocols.

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