DXOMARK works with companies that want to improve devices’ user experience by bringing scientific expertise during product development.

Having been around for forty years, laptops represent an essential tool of the office worker, especially since the advent of videoconference and telecommuting. Laptop user experience is no more only correlated to CPU numbers or battery size. Today, the camera, microphone, speakers and display must also be including when evaluating a laptop performance.Accessories also see a revival with external webcam being used to upgrade the videoconference experience and speakerphones to enable good conference call in small offices; moreover, high end tablets do now challenge laptops as a legitimate alternative for the office worker and the family.

Enterprise also are changing; they equip more and more meeting rooms with complete videoconference systems: enterprise webcams, conference phones, videobars and advanced telepresence setups. Videoconference solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom also bring image and audio quality challenges to hardware makers who want to comply with the strict requirements of these platforms.We have developed a suite of products and services rely on integrated test protocols that cover various use cases: videoconference, media consumption, browsing, gaming, etc. These protocols rely on our technical and user expertise, that lead to the definition of lab and natural scenarios, for which we create objective measurements and perceptual evaluations of quality attributes; from this set of data, we then compute a score representative of the final user experience. We offer benchmark and engineering services, turn-key laboratory setups. We can also accompany your engineering team explore specific technical challenges you may encounter, via our advance technical studies services. Finally, we develop and operate qualifications and performance index programs and their corresponding marketing assets.

DXOMARK is also a qualified partner for the Google Meet hardware peripheral qualification program.

Devices and solutions served


Our testing protocol for laptop and tablets builds on real user preferences and our technical expertise in Camera, Audio and Display to provide the best holistic benchmark on the market for laptops and tablets.


Whether you are developing a webcam, a microphone, a speakerphone or a video bar, DXOMARK can help you improve you image or audio performance thanks to our services and lab solutions.


A partner of the industry, DXOMARK develops tests and qualifies devices and accessories to the leading platforms of videoconference.

We also offer customized services for advanced enterprise videoconference solutions, such as telepresence.

Testing and benchmarking

DXOMARK gathers a broad knowledge of consumers’ uses and preferences, as well as the technical aspects of quality evaluation in Audio, Image and Display. This expertise allows our experts to assess quality by creating comprehensive and challenging test protocols, aiming to help manufacturers bring the best experience to the end user.

For example in video conferencing, our Audio test protocol includes video call (one or two persons facing the device), meeting (multiple persons in a meeting room) and multimedia (music, movies and games) performances evaluation. Then each use-cases is divided in recording, playback and duplex. This kind of in-depth analysis allow our experts to identify area for improvement and the best devices for each end-uses.

Lab solutions

For laptop performance evaluation, the two DXOMARK labs solutions (Camera Lab and Audio Lab) are combined to offer complete solutions. We have a wide variety of tools to evaluate the quality of the devices in each expertise independently. And our experts have developed an automated setup that allow video recording and software analysis with objective measurements for camera and perceptual evaluations for camera and microphone.

Trainings and Seminars

At DXOMARK, we are committed to passing on our knowledge of quality assessment in order to bring the best to the end user. To this end, we offer a series of trainings and courses to train you as an expert in our fields. It is as important to detect the areas of improvement as it is to identify the reasons for these changes and the method by which one can identified them.

Google Meet partnership

DXOMARK is a qualified partner for the Google Meet hardware peripheral qualification program. If you are a vendor or manufacturer interested in qualification, we can assist you in three ways: provide you with lab solutions for your internal testing, perform the Google Meet qualification test, and help you tune your device to pass the Google Meet qualification test.

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