Display lab

AN END USER CENTRIC display testing solution

Our Display Lab solution is a unique testing suite for measuring display touch and image quality as perceived by users in everyday life scenarios.

DXOMARK Display Lab facilitates objective measurements and essential perceptual analyses, and allows you evaluate and optimize the display quality of smartphones, tablets, and laptops in development. With its Display Bench, Video Analysis Kit, Touch Bench, and associated test protocols, the DXOMARK Display Lab lets you assess display quality as perceived by consumers when they use their devices under real-life conditions.

Measure screens the way people experience them

Perform the same display measurements and perceptual analyses as DXOMARK

Display Bench

Generate photometric measurements under controlled lighting that simulates real-life ambient light conditions, using an easy automated workflow.

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Video Analysis Kit

Use SDR and HDR10 reference videos and documentation to perform video perceptual analysis following DXOMARK’s display testing protocol.

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Touch Bench

Measure touch interface performance (reaction time, smoothness, accuracy) in real-life scenarios, including browsing, zooming, and gaming.

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Display Bench

The Display Bench lets you measure color fidelity and gamut, brightness, contrast, flicker, and angular photometry for displays in a variety of controlled lighting environments.

Mounted on a motorized translation stage, testing components include measurement instruments (colorimeter, spectrometer), and a 3-axis (X,Y,Z) holder for DUT that can accommodate displays up to 17 inches (diagonal) and 10 kg. You control mounted components using a supplied laptop equipped with the same software that DXOMARK uses in its Display protocol testing. The preinstalled software includes all test patterns and an open API for running customized measurements.

A light-tight 2m x 2m x 2m black box, the Display Bench keeps out all external light during testing. You use the supplied laptop to control the internal LED-based lighting environment, with brightness ranging from 0 lux to 50K lux, and using a variety of illuminants (A, white LED, TL84, D65 with differing CCT).

The Display Bench photometric measurements as described in the DXOMARK protocol are compliant with industry standards as defined by SID/ICDM and VESA.

The bench has been developed in collaboration with industry-leading experts from Radiant Vision Systems and Konica Minolta. Learn more.

Video Analysis Kit

The Video Analysis Kit includes the reference content (videos produced by DXOMARK) and the documentation you need to perform perceptual analyses of HDR10 and SDR video quality, following DXOMARK’s Display protocol, to assess and compute video attribute scores for Detail, Color, Contrast, Quantization, etc.

Sample Video HDR10

Sample Video SDR

Touch Bench

DXOMARK’s CE-certified Touch Bench includes a Phantom VEO E 340L high-speed camera, a robot with two actuated fingers, and a laptop with pre-installed software that together let you measure touch interface response time, accuracy, and smoothness.

The robot is programmed to execute a series of use cases, including gaming and gallery viewing, which entail numerous repetitive gestures such as scrolling, zooming, and tap-selecting content all across the screen. The high-speed camera captures all these gestures at 1200 fps, and then our software processes and objectively measures the camera output.