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DXOMARK Academy offers extensive instruction about image quality. Our curriculum includes intensive workshops about image quality fundamentals, expert sessions on select topics, and training focused on in-depth smartphone camera evaluation using Analyzer. Our team is also available to develop customized workshops. We can conduct all workshops and training sessions listed below either at your site or in our offices. We also offer training sessions for lab operators who will handle equipment and perform image quality tests.

Image Quality Fundamentals

DXOMARK Academy’s Image Quality Fundamentals workshops introduce junior engineers and beginners to various aspects of image quality such as camera design and hardware, camera tuning, objective measurements, perceptual analysis, and how to measure photo and video attributes. These 3-day workshops are intensive and are designed for a maximum of 8 attendees per session. They also include practical lab testing using Analyzer.

Expert Sessions

Image quality evaluation is a vast field that changes according to technological developments in the field. For those who are familiar with the basic notions and techniques of image quality testing, DXOMARK Academy’s Expert Sessions can provide a deeper understanding of specific areas of image quality such as HDR, Color, Exposure, Selfie testing, etc. Expert Sessions last 3 days for each single topic and are held for a maximum of 8 attendees at a time.

Operator Workshops

The first step of image quality testing is shooting photos and performing a preliminary analysis of those photos. Lab operators need precise guidelines about how to take photos based on the image quality attribute being tested; required testing conditions; and how to use the available lab equipment. DXOMARK Academy provides detailed workshops for lab operators that include step-by-step guidelines for everyday image quality testing. These workshops are conducted for a maximum of 4 attendees at a time either at your site or at DXOMARK’s labs.

Analyzer Training Sessions

DXOMARK’s Analyzer solution is the imaging industry’s foremost image quality testing suite. We provide specific technical training for each Analyzer module so that you can make the most of Analyzer in your labs. This training includes instruction about image quality protocols and how to use the hardware and software included with Analyzer.



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