154th Audio Engineering Society Convention

Join our experts at AES Europe 2023!

During this convention, we will introduce a new paper on Audio evaluation. In this paper, we propose a rating protocol for evaluating smartphone audio zoom systems through objective and perceptual testing.
Audio zoom is a newly developed function that helps isolate a sound source from its surroundings in accordance with the smartphone camera’s focal point and zoom level when recording videos with the camera app. The most important criterion for evaluating a good performance both objectively and perceptually is the device’s ability to focus mainly on the target sound. We also consider and discuss other audio quality criteria; and finally, we conclude by comparing test results and suggesting possible improvements to smartphone audio zoom systems.

Here is our schedule for this event:

Poster session

Evaluation of Smartphone Audio Zoom System Quality

Presenter: Dan Zhao; DXOMARK Image Labs (France)


Sunday 14 May, 14:30 – 16:00