Announcing Analyzer Version 8.1

Most Versatile Solution for Measuring MTF at Infinity

Optimizing a long-range camera requires an impossibly deep lab. With Analyzer’s new COMPASS automated testing bench, MTF at infinity can be computed on the axis and in the whole field of view (FOV up to 200°). Thanks to its design, it is usable with a broad range of focal lengths making it the most versatile tool on the market for measuring MTF at infinity. The COMPASS bench (below) can be used to evaluate flare as well.

COMPASS testing setup including both the Flare collimated light source (1) and the MTF collimator (2) for resolution measurement at infinity

Accelerated Video Processing

Analyzer’s latest software for image quality evaluation has been optimized for faster video processing thanks to smart multithreading. Using a multicore processor will decrease even more the analysis time.

Evaluate Non-Radial Distortion

Analyzer can be used to evaluate non-radial distortion particularly those generated by freefrom optics-based cameras. It can also evaluate non-radial distortion correction.