DXOMARK introduces Analyzer 7.4 – the latest version of its camera testing suite

March 15, 2021 – DXOMARK announces the latest version of its camera testing suite – Analyzer 7.4.
Launched in 2003, Analyzer is DXOMARK’s continuously updated system for measuring, benchmarking, and optimizing camera image quality. With over 150 Analyzer labs installed worldwide, it is the leading testing system for any type of digital camera whether automotive, DSLR, smartphone, surveillance, video conferencing, wearables and even camera modules.

Analyzer 7.4 expands camera testing capabilities of the suite with the addition of many new and innovative test setups. These innovations will bring real value to camera engineers in the development of future automotive cameras, smartphone, camera module.

Automated flicker testing based on IEEE/P2020 standards
Flicker is a crucial challenge for the automotive camera as it can lead to severe consequences. Analyzer 7.4’s new Flicker module is ideal for performing several flicker measurements that are based on upcoming IEEE/P2020 industry standards. The test setup includes the specialized Universal LED Timer Mark II, which contains 5 rows of LED lights that can be programmed to perform 5 tests simultaneously. Analyzer 7.4’s software support necessary automation that is currently missing in flicker testing, allowing ADAS camera engineers to save precious time.

Advanced smartphone camera measurements from DXOMARK’s smartphone rear camera test protocol
Analyzer 7.4 allows performing measurements from DXOMARK’s famous smartphone rear camera test protocol (called Camera V4), which was introduced in 2020. Using the new AF-HDR and Portrait HDR test setups one can recreate challenging HDR conditions in their labs for a wide range of new measurements.
Software updates allow new objective measurements to be taken on charts that were previously used for perceptual analysis. The testing workflow to perform these measurements from the Camera V4 test protocol can be automated using Analyzer’s Photo Flow module.

DXOMARK Raw: Benchmarking camera modules using a new standard
Great product performance can be achieved only by selecting good components. Analyzer’s RAW module can be used to benchmark the performance of camera modules before the product is finalized. It generates DXOMARK Raw, a unique standard that objectively measures the image quality of smartphone camera modules. Analyzer 7.4 provides more detailed benchmarks such as an overall score for indoor, outdoor and low light as well as sub-scores for each of these lighting conditions. The scores can now evaluate zoom capacity and video.

The Flare Bench, which can produce objective measurements for flare, has been updated under Analyzer 7.4 to allow measurements when the source of light is within the field of view.

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