DXOMARK presents at Electronic Imaging 2021

DXOMARK, the French engineering services company well-known for its benchmark and recognized by camera, smartphone, and audio manufacturers world-wide, showcases its expertise by presenting two papers assessing testing for image quality. On January 25 Frédéric Guichard, CEO & CTO at DXOMARK, along with his team of engineers, explore the issues driving the industry by drawing upon the research completed at the DXOMARK Paris-based labs.

With over 10 years of experience testing and evaluating lenses and DSLRs and smartphone cameras. DXOMARK has developed unique, stringent scientific test protocols and industry-graded tools run by their engineers and technicians. Its Analyzer hardware and software suite for image-quality benchmarking has been used in image-quality testing for over a decade. 150 Analyzer laboratories are installed around the world. DXOMARK’s test reports are highly solicited by camera makers worldwide to help them measure image quality and to benchmark their products in various stages of the product development cycle.

The two DXOMARK webinars are the following:

  • Evaluation of the Lens Flare

By Elodie Souksava, Thomas Corbier, Alexandra Giraud, François-Xavier Thomas, Laurent Chanas, and Frédéric Guichard

Flare, or stray light, is a visual phenomenon generally considered undesirable in photography and reduces image quality. In this talk, presenters will present an objective metric for quantifying the amount of flare of the lens of a camera module.

  • RAW Image Quality Evaluation Using Information Capacity

By François-Xavier Thomas, Thomas Corbier, Emilie Baudin, Yiqi Li, Laurent Chanas, and Frédéric Guichard.

This presentation outlines a comprehensive objective metric for estimating digital camera system performance using the DXOMARK’s RAW test protocol. These techniques and this work have the potential to improve digital image quality evaluation and to pave the way for advancements in domains such as automotive or surveillance cameras.