Introducing Analyzer 8.0

Everything you ever needed for testing video!
The latest version of our camera testing suite revolutionizes video quality evaluation. Analyzer 8.0 comes with a new user interface dedicated to video analysis as well as advanced features compatible with wide-angle cameras and capable of many new measurements .
AZ Video: a complete set of video measurements with easy visualization
The addition of the AZ Video interface to Analyzer makes it the industry’s most complete hardware & software solution for video quality evaluation. Not only does the user interface make visualization of video measurements easy, it enables taking new measurements as well. In addition to the standard spatial measurements offered for frame-by-frame video quality analysis, our complete set of video measurements include temporal metrics such as white balance stability, exposure convergence and temporal noise.
Ultra Wide-angle and Fish-eye camera compatibility
Thanks to its distortion compensation algorithm, Analyzer 8.0 is able to automatically compute video image quality metrics. Our software is now compatible with cameras with FOV up to 170° even if the image is highly distorted.
Supports 8K video & high resolution images and is compatible with Python 3.8 (API)

This version of the Analyzer suite is compiled in 64 bits, removing the limitations in maximum image size and thus supporting 8K video and very high-resolution images.​ Moreover, our Workflow Manager (API) is now compatible with Python 3.8.