Partnership with Yettel

After Orange and Boulanger, DXOMARK continues with Yettel.Bulgaria to strengthen its strategic partnerships in Europe.

Faithful to our mission to guide consumers in their smartphone purchasing journey, based on objective performance and quality analysis, DXOMARK now provides its detailed test results of device performances on Yettel’s e-store product pages.

As part of this partnership, Yettel’s e-store will now feature the DXOMARK smartphone scores in three main categories: camera, display and battery quality. These scores will provide consumers with valuable insights into the strengths of each smartphone, whether it is exceptional still photography, immersive video watching, or long-lasting battery life. The in-depth reviews will be easily accessible on the “Description” tab of the product page for each smartphone tested.

“Integrating our quality scores and data evaluations into Yettel’s e-store is in line with our ambition to support consumers in their device selection process. Our mission has always been to provide objective and independent data to empower users, and this collaboration with Yettel reinforces that commitment.” stated Frédéric Guichard, CEO of DXOMARK.