Webinar – Unveiling Analyzer V8.4

We’re pleased to announce the version 8.4, which will bring enhanced functionalities across multiple industries

Key Updates in Analyzer 8.4:

  1. Support of all HDR formats, allowing our customers to now run a comprehensive analysis for various HDR formats from tone mapping to texture evaluation
  2. Support of our recently introduced Multispectral Lighting System, bringing advanced controls for precise lighting adjustments
  3. Our new automotive ready package, which gathers all key automotive standard metrics


Join Our Expert-Led Webinar

To learn more about our new functionalities, DXOMARK will organize a webinar in which our Experts will offer in depth explanations about our new setups.

First session

8 am – 9 am Paris (GMT +1) / 15 pm – 16 pm Beijing (GMT +8)

Second session

6 pm – 7 pm Paris (GMT +1) / 9 am – 10 am San Francisco (GMT -8)

Make sure to register in the link below

See you there!