DXOMARK Camera scores are the smartphone industry standard and the benchmark of reference for consumers

Amid tough competition in the smartphone and mobile device market, cameras have become an important product differentiator as image-quality technologies have advanced. Mobile device cameras are expected to offer all aspects of high image-quality capabilities, including zoom, low-light modes, and artificial bokeh — all while retaining a small form factor and keeping costs down. The introduction of multi-camera modules has resulted in additional requirements for precise calibration and tuning to ensure smooth transitions between sensors and lenses.Expertise in deploying computational imaging technologies is also a requirement for being competitive, as users increasingly expect magic in the form of AI-enhanced image processing to get the most from their phone cameras.When it comes to cameras, what matters most to consumers is the quality of the images they get from their device in daily use. A combination of factors, from optics and sensors to software, affects the user experience. Our DXOMARK test protocol provides a user-centric evaluation of the real-life performance of your cameras and lenses — an analysis that is critically helpful throughout the design, development, testing, and manufacturing process. To ensure alignment with consumers’ expectations, DXOMARK conducts comprehensive surveys to analyze usage and convenes panels to assess preferences.

DXOMARK evaluates image quality based on the key attributes of Exposure, Color, Autofocus, Texture, Noise, Artifacts, and Stabilization. We measure each attribute in both our laboratory and in natural settings. Our experts analyze over 3000 photos and 2.5 hours of video to assess the results not only of the most common ways consumers use their smartphone cameras, but also of “edge conditions” such as closeup still photography, video zoom attributes, preview zoom smoothness, and preview frame loss.Our camera lab solution includes specially designed charts and holders, a shaker platform, lighting systems, and software, all of which you can use to perform a range of objective photo and video quality measurements, as well as perceptual analysis. Using Workflow Manager from Analyzer, you can even customize your workflows, thus increasing lab efficiency and output.DXOMARK’s smartphone camera global score is representative of our dedicated test protocol and dedicated lab systems. The camera global score is a weighted geometric average of each individual sub score. This score has become the industry standard for image quality evaluation, with many manufacturers touting their DXOMARK score at the launch of their products.We provide benchmarking services that can help you compare the performance of various camera components and their impact on image quality before the design phase of camera development. Further, our consulting services can help you tune and optimize your device throughout the camera development cycle. We can support your needs at the early beginning, by estimating the score potential of a hardware specification; we also support manufacturers in the last moments before their launch, by performing image quality evaluation on advanced prototypes to help find improvements for the tuning of the image processing.

“Our teams’ goal is to provide end users with the best possible experience with their smartphones. As expectations get higher, we have to push manufacturers to improve their performance. For this, we are constantly developing new testing and analysis methods.”
–  Hervé Macudzinski , Camera team leader

Engineering Services

Our benchmarking and testing customers seek our assistance in areas such as design, testing, tuning, and volume production. Our world-class technical team, in turn, gets the opportunity to work on the latest technologies during their development phase.

Lab solutions

Analyzer is our full suite of image quality measurement software modules and custom hardware for testing and tuning both still and video imaging devices. Analyzer-powered labs are in use by many top camera and smartphone manufacturers worldwide.

Trainings and Seminars

DXOMARK Academy offers an extensive instructional curriculum that includes intensive workshops and longer expert seminars. Our team is also available to develop customized workshops either at your location or at our offices.

DXOMARK Image Quality Experts actively participate in AFNOR/ISO Technical committee TC-42 and the definition of IEEE P1858 standard.