DXOMARK announces partnership with Cobra

DXOMARK Speaker scores to be displayed at retail stores of Cobra and its e-commerce site cobra.fr

18 February 2020 – Paris, DXOMARK, the reference in quality assessment of multimedia products and Cobra, a specialist of image and sound equipment in France are pleased to announce their partnership.

Aimed at providing its audiophile customers with buying advice, Cobra will now showcase DXOMARK scores for wireless speakers in its retail stores in Paris and Boulogne-Billancourt as well as on its e-commerce website.
For several years, DXOMARK acoustic and sound engineers have been testing smartphone audio using state-of-the-art equipment and test protocols designed to assess sound quality from the user’s point of view. In November 2020, DXOMARK extended its activity with the evaluation of wireless speakers.

The DXOMARK Speaker score incorporates five sound quality attributes across scenarios representative of the most common use case. Within this testing framework, DXOMARK performs two types of tests, objective and perceptual. Objective testing takes place in DXOMARK’s semi-anechoic chamber, which absorbs sound reflections. Perceptual testing takes place in simulated real-life environments, which have been set up in a purpose-designed apartment.

” Our DXOMARK Speaker score objectively evaluates the playback quality of wireless speakers going beyond their intrinsic specifications and performance. With DXOMARK scores, audiophile consumers will be able to rely on accurate and relevant measurements when choosing their next speaker. We are excited to partner with Cobra” Justin Bacle, Audio Lab Manager at DXOMARK, said.

“Cobra is delighted with this new partnership. To offer added value to the products we distribute, it is with great pleasure that we collaborate with DXOMARK. The scores will be displayed on our website and in our stores as a stamp of quality. Our customers will thus be able to rely on the assessment of a company internationally reputed for its scientific tests., Marc Peron, President, Cobra, said. “Additionally, these scores will be used as complementary sales arguments by our sales staff. Many topics covered in DXOMARK reviews are regularly discussed by our buying customers in stores. This association will greatly help us answer their more particular questions. Therefore, we strongly encourage DXOMARK to continue to develop its testing of different types of speakers. Cobra will contribute by providing them access to the most remarkable audio products in the market!”

About COBRA:
Founded in 1978, Cobra is a pioneer in the sale of image and sound products. Serge Karaboghossian and Alexandre Muhar, the two founders of the chain, decided to attempt this daring adventure at the end of the 1970s. Their mission? To offer mid/top-of-the-range products at unbeatable prices. After all these years, Cobra is still dedicated to its core fields, while having successfully expanded its activity in newer areas.

Two stores (Paris 11 Arr. and Boulogne-Billancourt) of more than 1000 m2 now serve technophiles. Having survived competition from large retail chains in the 1990s, Cobra now places product experience at the heart of its strategy. The store offers spaces dedicated to various audio-visual experiences: auditoriums, videoriums, helmets, as well as lifestyle rooms for product demonstrations.

With more than 10,000 products in stock, Cobra offers some of the best prices in the market with the possibility of negotiation. The Parisian brand has thus managed to find a spot for itself in the hearts of image and sound enthusiasts. Considered as “the Nirvana of Home Cinema lovers” by the magazine l’Express, Cobra has been recognized numerous times for the quality of its services. Not too long ago, it was voted “Best E-Commerce Site 2018” by Capital magazine.

DXOMARK is the trusted industry standard for smartphone, speaker and digital camera tests and ratings. For the past 10 years, it has been recognized for providing the most rigorous hardware testing, using industry-grade laboratory tools in its analyses, and for establishing the most comprehensive reference database of test results. DXOMARK performs scientific tests to evaluate image, display and audio quality from an end-user perspective.