DXOMARK’s Eye Comfort Label

In response to growing concerns about screen time’s impact on health, particularly sleep, DXOMARK has introduced the Eye Comfort Label. This label evaluates key factors affecting visual experience, such as bluelight filtering and flicker perception.

Smartphone screen time has raised significant concerns, particularly in terms of blue light exposure, which affects sleep quality by inhibiting melatonin production. Flicker and luminance levels also impact vision and well-being. In rare cases, screens can cause seizures in those with photosensitive epilepsy.

Media and public interest in eye comfort have increased, with a 26.9% rise in mentions from 2022 to 2023 (source: Meltwater). China, facing issues with smartphone addiction among youth, has implemented internet restrictions to protect visual health and address myopia concerns (source: ScienceDirect).

The DXOMARK Eye Comfort Label guides users to enjoy smartphones while maintaining visual comfort, and aims to help users manage screen time healthily and informs industry improvements in visual comfort technologies.

Qualifying devices must pass all four tests in temporal light modulation, brightness level, blue light filtering and color consistency.