Update on DXOMARK Insights INDIA

We are pursuing our roadmap for DXOMARKInsights – a qualitative survey gathering local insights – in order to better understand the pain points and room for improvement in smartphone camera skintone rendering, as well as helping manufacturers to improve customer satisfaction.

After exploring European trends regarding smartphone portrait rendering in Paris in 2023, DXOMARK conducted the same survey in Mumbai, India, with a panel of 80 Mumbai inhabitants and 10 Indian professional photographers, covering 400 different scenes.

Thank you Hansa Research Group Rishi Chouhan Archana Paroha for the local support and field operation!

We are now nearing the completion of this survey, a comprehensive data analysis on which we will establish technical guidelines for OEMs.

We look forward to sharing these insights with the smartphone industry to raise the quality of the next generation of devices in the field of portrait photography!

Stay tuned!

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