Drive innovation with DXOMARK

Located on the banks of the Seine just west of Paris, DXOMARK has established itself as a major player in the digital camera industry. Since its inception, the company’s engineers and technicians have passionately responded to the evolution of technology, and, in fact, have played a large role in pushing that technology forward. In 2019, DXOMARK expanded to include audio testing services, and in 2020, we are adding a Display team and lab. We are a fast-growing company with plentiful opportunities. Join us to define the technology of tomorrow!

Dedicated to science

DXOMARK, founded and led by scientists and engineers, is dedicated to the scientific method. Accuracy, objectivity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence are at our core. DXOMARK values the dignity and well-being of all its employees and strives to be a good corporate citizen through environmental responsibility and community engagement.

International teams, collaborative culture

At DXOMARK, your work will impact some of the most sophisticated and well-known technology products in the world. You will get to use and test new devices, sometimes years before the general public. Scientific testing is at the heart of everything we do. We are looking for motivated individuals who are dedicated to accuracy and extremely meticulous in their work. Our team is very international, and our culture is very collaborative. We foster a culture of creativity and flexibility that rests on a foundation of scientific integrity. At DXOMARK, every engineer is also a project manager who must autonomously drive projects. We strive to help our employees grow through training and other programs. Our benefits are competitive, and we have received high marks for gender equity in pay.

Gender Equality


At DXOMARK, we strongly believe in providing equal opportunity to all our employees. We are proud of the fact that according to the Gender Equality Index (Index Egalité Femmes Hommes, Décret n° 2019-15 du 8 janvier 2019) mandated by the French government, we achieved a high score of  94 out of 100. Since 2019, all companies in France must measure and publish the results of this index. Our score of 94 is based on the following criteria — difference in pay, difference in the share of increase in individual pay, percentage of employees who received increase in pay on return from maternity leave and parity among the salaries of the 10 highest paid individuals.


“The teams are relatively young, the atmosphere is good, and it’s fun to come to work in the morning”


Product Owner

Product Owners manage both R&D and daily operations. They define priorities within the product backlog to ensure that each Agile project brings value to customers. In parallel, they oversee development of new benchmarks and testing protocols.

Image Science Engineer

As every new generation of cameras tries to outdo its predecessors, so must our testing tools and methods. Development at DXOMARK is a continuous process. Our Image Science Engineers develop testing hardware and software and related protocols.

Image Quality Project Lead

Facing clients on a regular basis, Project Leads are the essential interlocutors between our labs and manufacturers. They take charge of operations that lead to improvements in image quality and user experience.

Image Quality Technician

Custodians of DXOMARK testing, our Image Quality Technicians perform photo shooting and analysis while strictly adhering to our scientific protocols. Whether manipulating lab equipment or participating in outdoor shoots, precision and attention to detail play a key role in their job.

Audio Engineer

Audio Engineers at DXOMARK are experts in acoustics, sound, and electronics. As DXOMARK is setting up a team for audio testing, Audio Engineers who join us today will play a key strategic role in the company.

Specialist EngineerS

DXOMARK’s Specialist Engineers are experts in their field, be it mechanical engineering, optics, electronics, logistics, or coding Python. They bring unique insights to the various projects they participate in. As specialists, they undertake heavy responsibilities with great autonomy.

Display Engineer

Display Engineers at DXOMARK are experts in image processing, optical science, and computer vision research. They conceive testing equipment and protocols for smartphones and eventually other products.

Human Resources

To support the rapid growth of the company, our people managers look after the strength and well-being of our teams. They create a supportive everyday work environment to address the challenges of all our teams. They set up training programs, chart a clear organization structure, and ensure fluid communication within the company.


A fast-growing company needs to closely monitor its financial health to safeguard current and future investment. While DXOMARK’s finance team builds and oversees KPIs, they also work closely with Operations on such cross-functional projects as R&D financing, workflow organization, project ROI, and so on.


The IT service team forms the infrastructure backbone for all our activities. Liaising with a host of external service providers, they provide web support for and manage various processing and storage applications that help us operate in our HD photo-intensive world.


As the frontline of our everyday operations, the Admin team is the first to come in contact with visiting clients and contractors. Their support and personal attention to queries ensure the smooth functioning and well-being of the entire company.


As an online resource, is widely referred to for its image quality data. Web marketing consists of regular upkeep of the website, including monitoring analytics, reporting, and content management.

Social media

People constantly write about and interact with us over various social media. Managing DXOMARK’s social media accounts means being a mouthpiece as well as a custodian of our brand value, and involves such functions as content management, community management, and analytics.


Publishing hundreds of reviews and articles on requires top-notch writers and editors. To be a part of the editorial team requires technical know-how, an eye for detail, and superior writing skills.


Being in charge of Sales means diving into the deep end of daily commerce. In addition to handling active key accounts, a sales manager also needs to have foresight and initiative for future business development.