Our iconic DXOMARK chart is handmade in our lab, in Paris. It has more than 100 components, including real objects, miniature charts, and portraits that use a variety of colors, textures, and skin tones. These elements facilitate perceptual analysis of such image quality attributes as detail preservation, color shading, noise, white balance, etc.

The chart also contains specially designed markers that let you use Analyzer software to autonomously obtain all available objective metrics, some of which are based on a neural network trained on the 20+ years of perceptual image quality evaluations in our DXOMARK database. All the elements, in the chart, are carefully selected to ensure the same results between two charts, and we assign each chart a unique identification number to facilitate high traceability.

Key metrics:

  • Detail preservation
  • Noise
  • Resolution
  • Exposure
  • Perceptual analysis, including aliasing and moiré

Key features:

  • Size: 1300 x 890 x 18 mm
  • Material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • References: pdf DMC_002 pdf EASEL_D0102 (optional easel)