This uniform grey-colored chart is designed for evaluating exposure, shading, defective photosites, flash, and video noise.

Consistency of video performance during recording is critical for producing quality results. Analyzer’s Video & Stabilization module comprises an extensive set of tests to perform when recording a uniform background so as to help you characterize your camera’s video stability. These tests include measuring variations in exposure and white balance, as well as color shifts, and temporal and spatial noise (including row and column noise). You can also use the grey chart to evaluate other video metrics such as exposure stability and convergence.

Produced by a specialized provider, this chart lets you use Analyzer software to autonomously obtain all objective metrics. We test and calibrate each Grey chart in our labs before shipping to ensure the same results between two charts, and assign each chart a unique identification number to facilitate high traceability.

Key metrics:

  • Luminance and color shading
  • Noise
  • Defective photo sites
  • Flash

Key features:

  • Size: 1400 x 970 x 3 mm
  • Material: White Dibond
  • Reference: pdf GU0002_140_P & pdf GU0003_60_P