This device has 5 computer-controlled LED arrays for measuring and automatically analyzing (with Analyzer software) exposure time, electronic rolling shutter, frame rate, missing frames, time lags, autofocus time lag, etc.

You can also use the LED timer for LED flicker mitigation evaluation. Using each LED array, it can simulate 5 flickering scenarios simultaneously and can be programmed to play many scenarios (duty cycle, frequency, brightness). Learn more about Flicker mitigation evaluation on our dedicated page.

This tool also contains specially designed markers that let you use Analyzer software to autonomously obtain all available objective metrics.

Key metrics:

  • Exposure time
  • Electronic rolling shutter
  • Frame rate
  • Missing frame
  • Time lags
  • Autofocus time lag
  • LED flicker evaluation
  • Vertical blanking

Includes automated capture for touchscreen cameras

Key features:

  • Independent control of each line (duty cycle, frequency, brightness)
  • Size: 296 x 451 x 100 mm
  • Reference: LED_TIMER_FL01
  • Standards: ISO 15781 compliant & IEEE P2020 compliant

Automated ERS and Shutter Time Lag testing