This software contains a comprehensive set of image quality measurement capabilities related to sensor, lens, and ISP evaluation. Metrics are compliant with most image quality standards; further, DXOMARK’s proprietary metrics take you even further in your evaluations.

Analyzer software will allow you to evaluate still images, videos, and RAW images in a very simple way.​ It also includes instrument control software to handle lighting and accessories.

Key modules:

  • Optics: Distortion, blur, vignetting, lateral chromatic aberration, color fringing, MTF, flare
  • Photo: Texture, white balance, color fidelity, auto-exposure, noise
  • HDR: Tone mapping, color consistency, noise consistency, texture consistency
  • Autofocus: AF accuracy, AF shooting lag
  • Stabilization: photo and video
  • Timing: Exposure time, electronic rolling shutter, vertical blanking, frame rate
  • Video: Texture, noise, timing

Key features:

  • User friendly
  • Measurement waiting list
  • Automatic detection and cropping of interest area
  • Easy export: (detailed or short) Excel, HTML, or PDF
  • Comprehensive and intuitive