Automatically reproduce all DXOMARK protocol objective measurements

Camera manufacturers need to perform tests swiftly and efficiently. Camera testing is typically a complex process that requires lab operators to manually intervene and prepare the test setup each time they need to perform a new test.

DXOMARK Protocol Automation provides testing scripts that can be used to automate the testing workflow from data acquisition to test result aggregation through automated control of lighting; of different equipment such as the Hexapod Shaker, Timer, AMO, and Trigger; and of data classification and transfer onto the master computer. You can improve efficiency by freeing up your lab operators’ time, as they will need to intervene only at the beginning to prepare the tests.

Protocol Automation contains all the testing scripts that DXOMARK uses in its smartphone Camera test protocols and also do all the measurements automatically.

Using DXOMARK Protocol Automation, camera engineers can automatically replicate all still photo and video objective tests & measurements that fall within these test protocols.

This software does not provide a full report, but test results in json file. Because DXOMARK reports gather also perceptual tests and analysis, you can also reproduce them in your lab and environment thanks to DXOMARK services.