Early start to camera development: camera module testing using Analyzer 7.4

Analyzer 7.4 for Camera Module Testing

DXOMARK Raw Scores & Reports

DXOMARK Raw is the new industry standard for camera modules. Generated using Analyzer 7.4, Raw module is a scoring system that provides comprehensive evaluation and benchmarking to characterize camera modules. With Analyzer 7.4 update, our users will be able to generate the DXOMARK Raw score as well as a complete report automatically using the RAW images captured following our specific protocol.

This comprehensive report and scoring system guides the user to choose the components most suited for camera development projects.

The DXOMARK Raw Score

The test protocol generates an overall score for the camera module that takes into account the response of the camera module to different lighting conditions. It also provides sub-scores for 3 lighting scenarios – indoor, outdoor and lowlight. These scores are based on the evaluation of all key elements that constitute the information capacity of a camera module: sensor, lens and sensitivity.

Automatically generated reports contain graphs showing the evolution of the scores
(Top left: Field Position, Top right: Digital Zoom & Bottom center: Lighting Conditions)

Flare evaluation

Analyzer’s Raw module contains a specialized flare evaluation equipment called the Flare bench. A white light source mimicking the sunlight turns around the sensor to simulate every possible positions of the sun inside and outside the field of view. Our software automatically computes the flare attenuation as a function of the angular position of the light source.

Highlights of Analyzer 7.4

  • Digital Zoom capability
  • Temporal information capacity for video
  • Sensor Dark Analysis