DXOMARK’s latest smartphone rear camera measurements, now integrated in Analyzer

AZ Mate (New)

Objective metrics on real life test scenes

Traditionally, a metric such as detail preservation can be objectively computed using synthetic charts. However, it does not reflect entirely consumers’ experience of a device performance on a real-life photography scene such as a portrait. The new AZ Mate module brings objective metrics computation using our real-life test scenes such as detail preservation, exposure or resolution.

Detail Preservation Metric based on Neural Network for a specific crop
From 1 (low quality) to 12.5 (high quality)

HDR Portrait setup

The HDR portrait setup is designed to objectively compare the fidelity of the preview and the capture by measuring the exposure on the head of the mannequin and the entropy on the composite chart.

Auto-Focus HDR test setup (Upgrade)

The DXOMARK smartphone rear camera test protocol uses a new HDR-AF test setup for autofocus measurements in HDR conditions using two additional lightboxes in order to further challenge the capability of smartphone cameras. Additional metrics related to the evaluation of the HDR mode are also implemented on this setup.

Photoflow v2 – Automated test results (Upgrade)

Analyzer’s Photoflow v2 is a complete set of scripts to perform DXOMARK smartphone rear and selfie camera objective test protocols in an automated fashion. It allows you to perform the same lab testing and get same analysis result aggregation as the DXOMARK Camera team, featuring all new Analyzer V7.4 metrics and setup upgrades.