DXOMARK developed a video conference protocol to test the image quality of cameras and their compatibility with Google Meet. It encompasses objective and perceptual tests that assess that peripherals have good interoperability with their Google Meet hardware.

We are proud to be a qualified partner for the Google Meet hardware peripheral qualification program. If you are a vendor or manufacturer interested in qualification, we can assist you in three ways: provide you with lab solutions for your internal testing, perform the Google Meet qualification test, and help you tune your device to pass the Google Meet qualification test. For more original information about the qualification program, please refer to the Google Meet hardware peripheral qualification program website.

Lab Tools for Google Meet Qualification

We developed with Google Meet a camera qualification protocol. It consists of a testing methodology, a set of measurements and charts and lighting tools.

The complete set of charts, lighting elements  and realistic mannequins is available on demand with a valid  Google Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Google Meet Testing

As a co-developer of a camera testing protocol for Google Meet, DXOMARK is also a qualified third party lab for the execution of this protocol.  After review by Google Meet, the qualified device will be posted on Google Meet qualified peripheral list.

If you have been referred to us by Google through the Google Meet hardware peripheral qualification program, please contact us using the button below:

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Engineering Services

DXOMARK offers a wide range of engineering services to help you improve your webcam image quality. We can support you with pre-check tests and advanced image testing protocols, including advanced AI based imaging functionalities, such as Bokeh or auto-framing.

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