Electronic Imaging 2023

DXOMARK is participating at Electronic Imaging 2023.

With over 10 years of experience testing and evaluating lenses, DSLRs, smartphones, and automotives cameras. DXOMARK has developed unique, stringent scientific test protocols and industry-graded tools run by their engineers and technicians. Its Analyzer hardware and software suite for image-quality benchmarking has been used in image-quality testing for over a decade. 180+ Analyzer laboratories are installed around the world. DXOMARK’s test reports are highly solicited by camera makers worldwide to help them measure image quality and to benchmark their products in various stages of the product development cycle.

Here is the schedule of our activities for this event:


Camera Image Quality Analysis from HW/SW/Tuning Specifications to Final Image Quality

Instructors: Claudio Greco and Benoit Pochon; DXOMARK Image Labs (France)


Sunday 15 January, 13:30 – 17:45

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Information capacity from the perspective of DXOMARK over the past 10+ years

Monday 16 January : 11:30 – 11h40

Laurent Chanas

Evaluation of image quality metrics designed for DRI tasks with automotive cameras

Tuesday 17 January : 16:50 – 17:10

Valentine Klein, Yiqi Li, Claudio Greco, Laurent Chanas, and Frédéric Guichard

Noise quality estimation on portraits in realistic controlled scenarios

Wednesday 18 January : 11:10 – 11h30

Nicolas Chahine1,2Samuel S. Santos3Sofiene Lahouar1Ana-Stefania Calarasanu1Sira Ferradans1Benoit Pochon1, and Frédéric Guichard11DXOMARK Image Labs, 2INRIA, and 3Parrot (France)

Improvement of the flare evaluation and applications in NIR

Wednesday 18 January : 12:10 – 11h30

Elodie Souksava, Emilie Baudin, Claudio Greco, Hoang-Phi Nguyen, Laurent Chanas, and Frédéric Guichard