Meet us at AutoSens Brussels 2023!

DXOMARK is presenting a keynote session at  AutoSens Brussels 2023

Cameras are becoming a fundamental component in the automotive industry, helping to power and guide the latest generation of self-driving cars. With more than a decade of experience in testing and evaluating DSLRs, lenses, smartphones, and automotive cameras, DXOMARK is uniquely qualified to know what is necessary for a camera to produce a high-quality image. DXOMARK engineers have developed stringent scientific test protocols and industry-graded tools to conduct the most thorough evaluations of image quality from all types of cameras. Its Analyzer hardware and software suite for image-quality benchmarking has been used in image-quality testing for over a decade. More than 180 Analyzer laboratories are installed around the world. DXOMARK’s test reports are highly solicited by camera makers worldwide to help them measure image quality and benchmark their products in various stages of the product development cycle.

DXOMARK has been working with the automotive industry to improve the standards of imaging in cameras used in vehicles. Join us at AutoSens as Laurent Chanas, an Image Science Director at DXOMARK, discusses the key performance indicators for camera evaluation in his keynote speech.



Computer Vision: What KPIs for Camera Performance Evaluation?

Presenter: Laurent Chanas; DXOMARK Image Labs (France)


Wednesday, September 20, at 11:30 – 12:00


Press Briefing

Wednesday 20 September, 11:30 – 12:00

Fabien Montagné