DXOMARK audio team provides tailored services that can help to make a better decision about the smartphone audio experience.

As the ways that consumers use their smartphones have evolved, audio has come to the forefront. Users rely on their smartphones as a source of entertainment, and the amount of time spent streaming videos has grown rapidly. Gaming apps, with increasingly complex audio environments, add to the importance of a sophisticated and well-designed audio system. Music and podcasts, while popular from the beginning, have also experienced growth. Further, users increasingly rely on voice messaging and have high expectations for clarity in a wide range of audio environments. Smartphone makers have adapted to the market, devoting more resources to the specification, design, development, testing, and manufacture of speakers and microphones, along with the sensitive software that optimizes hardware performance. Smartphone makers have had to adjust to the demands of the market, devoting more resources to the specification, design, development, testing, and manufacture of speakers and microphones, along with the sensitive software that optimizes hardware performance. 

DXOMARK developed its audio testing protocol to help OEMs and consumers make better decisions about their smartphone audio experience. Built on DXOMARK’s user-centric approach, our test protocol aims at reproducing and faithfully representing a diversity of use cases: watching videos, listening to music and podcasts, gaming, recording concerts, etc. DXOMARK bases all its evaluations on academic and industry standards, such as pdf ITU-R BS.2399-0 and pdf ITU-T P.800. DXOMARK evaluates the following audio quality attributes in the lab using objective measurements and perceptual evaluations: timbre, dynamics, spatial, volume, artifacts, and background.   Our Audio lab engineers are dedicated to helping clients from the earliest phases of design through tuning and production. Our audio engineers have developed sophisticated testing equipment to test and measure audio capabilities in a wide range of use cases, both in our state-of-the-art lab and in the real world. To ensure the repeatability of our tests, we asked musicians to compose specific tracks in many different music styles, tailored to contain all desired sound attributes. (You can read the story behind our playlist on our audio lab page.) Throughout the development process of your devices and chipsets, we provide tailored services for every stage that can help you improve the performance of your device’s audio system. We can help your team with its audio architecture and product design choices, with tuning the system’s software, and with creating vendor specifications, performance goals, and milestones. 


“Smartphone users listen to music, watch movies or record every day moments on video with the embedded microphone and speakers. We help OEMs and their ecosystem improve the experience to the highest quality possible”
–  Justin Bacle, Audio team leader

Engineering Services

DXOMARK’s Audio experts’ team will work with manufacturers throughout the development process to optimize smartphone performance on recording and playback. Having developed a proprietary test protocol, we provide a valuable, independent tool to compare smartphones.

Our services include test report delivery, test debrief with our experts, and full benchmark to compare your upcoming device with a selection of your own choosing.

Lab solutions

The Audio lab is a complete set of tools to boost your audio performance perceptual evaluation. This solution was specifically built to reproduce realistic use cases that smartphone consumers encounter daily, giving you the opportunity to assess the quality of both speakers and microphones under real-life conditions.

The Certified Audio Lab gives you access to a full kit for performing recording perceptual testing, as well as another kit for performing playback perceptual testing. The optional DXOMARK Listening Room ensures that all indoor tests are performed in a uniform environment under the same audio conditions.

Trainings and Seminars

We offer an extensive instructional curriculum that includes intensive workshops and longer expert seminars. Standard offerings include perceptual evaluation training, evaluating wind noise reduction, and audio zoom efficacy.

Our team is also available to develop customized workshops either at your location or at our offices.

DXOMARK Audio Experts are members of the Audio Engineering Society.