To analyze the quality of bokeh blur, DXOMARK has developed a setup with two planes — one on the right and one on the bottom — which are almost parallel to the optical axis. We add to this setup a portrait subject (model’s head) or a macro object (plastic flower) in the foreground. Both planes are covered with regular patterns and extend in front of the subject. At the far end, we have placed tiny LEDs that help us analyze the shape of the bokeh.

This setup allows us to evaluate the equivalent aperture of the bokeh and the smoothness of the blur gradient on the regular patterns on the bottom and along the line of black and white squares on the right plane. Having the same pattern at all distances in the setup can reveal even the smallest inconsistencies that would go unnoticed in many real-world scenes. The setup also makes it possible to analyze noise consistency by comparing the gray patches on the in-focus area and on the background. Any difference in grain will be the result of computerized bokeh processing.

Key features:​

  • Reference: pdf BOKEH_BGMT_001
  • Perceptual analysis


  • Background
  • Mountain side chart


  • 2700 x 4000 mm
  • 1420 x 750 x 5 mm


  • Printed fabric, Aluminum
  • Feather board
  • LED lights, doll and flower not provided