This high-end, optically dense chart is made of black metallic plate and is designed to mitigate veiling glare and ghosting. It contains 28 neutral density patches and 5 polarizers for exposure adjustment, and has a dynamic of 120 dB.

This chart also contains specially designed markers that let you use Analyzer software to autonomously obtain all objective metrics. We test and calibrate every HDR Noise chart in our labs before shipping to ensure the same results between two charts, and assign each chart a unique identification number to facilitate high traceability.

Key metrics:

  • OECF (opto-electric conversion function)
  • Dynamic and tonal range
  • Tone curve
  • Noise and SNR
  • Noise grain size
  • ISO speed rating
  • Dark signal

Key features:

  • Size: 583 x 292 x 10 mm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • References: pdf HDR0002
    (pdf HDR0001 old version for Kinoflo panels)
  • Standard: ISO 12232/15739/14524 & IEEE-P2020
  • Light system: GEMINI_001