Fully dedicated software for video analysis

If you want to dig even deeper, Analyzer offers AZ Video — software that is fully dedicated to video analysis. It features a video preview with dynamic visualization of measurements, as well as DXOMARK temporal metrics. To adapt to any kind of video camera, the software has a distortion compensation tool for ultra-wide-angle cameras.

Still image metrics can be applied to video frames, but for comprehensive video quality evaluation, you must also consider the dynamic aspect of the image quality. Analyzer introduces a package that provides you with the necessary equipment to simulate dynamic lighting changes such as a sudden lux level transition or a slow change in the color temperature.

AZ Video is a complete set of video measurements with easy visualization. You can compute video spatial and temporal metrics available in Analyzer in a very simple way. Measurements are displayed in a comprehensive and intuitive way and are synchronized with a preview of the video ROI.

DXOMARK has optimized video algorithms to reduce the processing time — up to10 times faster using a regular laptop, and up to 40 times faster using a multicore computer.

Key metrics:

    • Auto-exposure convergence
    • White balance stability
    • Spatial and temporal visual noise
    • Video texture
    • Video timing
    • Video flickering

​Key Features:​

    • Video preview
    • Easy setting of start and end processing time​
    • Intuitive and interactive display of measurement results​
    • Wide-angle and fisheye camera compatibility

Recommended accessories:

    • Automated lighting system (LIGHTING_SYST)
    • Dynamic lighting system (DLS_001)

Example of measurements

Our video evaluation package feature metrics that takes into account scene dynamics. Using DXOMARK lighting systems, you can easily reproduce real-life use cases with environmental lighting changes, and Analyzer software will automatically compute the related metrics. Here are some examples of the metrics available.

Auto-exposure convergence

This is a typical use case with a sudden lighting change when a car is entering a tunnel. You can see that during the transition phase, the image is overexposed and then underexposed from one frame to another. These measurements are of auto-exposure convergence taken during sudden transitions in light intensities provided by our Dynamic Lighting System.


White Balance Stability

You can see in the video that the color on the house changes from yellow to pink. This is due to the device’s auto white balance instabilities, which can be reproduced and evaluated using Analyzer lab equipment and software. Here is a measurement of the white balance taken during a transition of color temperature provided by our Automated Lighting System.