Audio webinar series: Spatial Audio Evaluation

The DXOMARK Audio Quality Evaluation team deep dives our audio protocol and philosophy, and we’re pleased to invite you to attend our first session on spatial attributes with Sound Engineer Harry Maisonneuve, Audio Product Owner Justin Bacle, R&D Acoustics PhD Zhao Dan and VP Marketing Nicolas Touchard.

Perceptual Evaluation of spatial audio is sometimes misunderstood. That is why, in this webinar, we illustrate our methodology of splitting perceptual evaluations into attributes and sub-attributes as well as review definitions, testing methodology and analyze examples with explanations that are used in our smartphone, speaker and laptop protocols. You can have a first look at DXOMARK’s Audio protocol here and discover our audio lab offer here.

The program of this audio webinar is as follow:

  • Introduction to DXOMARK’s audio evaluation philosophy
  • Spatial audio definition
  • Labs and measurements setups at DXOMARK
  • Examples & Explanations

A Q&A session will follow this presentation.

A Dive In Spatial Audio Evaluation
English session, April 12, 2023 6pm – 7pm CET | 12pm – 1pm ET | 9am – 10am PT
Mandarin session, April 13, 2023 10am – 11am CET | 4pm – 5pm CST