DXOMARK Becomes a Qualified Partner for Google Meet Video Conference Cameras

We’re thrilled to announce that DXOMARK is now a qualified partner of Google Meet videoconference cameras. In cooperation with Google, we have developed a test protocol to evaluate the quality of video conference cameras to create a best-in-class experience.

More than a hundred engineers carry out thousands of tests each year in DXOMARK’s 17 state-of-the-art laboratories. To meet their quality requirements, these labs are continuously updated to adapt to the latest innovations in the industry. The qualification protocol created specifically for Google Meet encompasses both objective and perceptual tests to assess video performance. This multiple days’ test protocol uses three different lab setups with two realistic mannequins and seven lab charts, as well as four natural scenes shot to complement the lab with real life evaluations. The image quality attributes evaluated are exposure, color, texture, noise artifacts, and focus. As an approved third-party lab for its execution, DXOMARK will be able to test hardware peripherals and ensure that conference room users have cameras that work with Google Meet.

If you are a vendor or manufacturer interested in qualifying your camera for Google Meet Rooms, we can assist you in three ways:

  • provide you with lab solutions for your internal testing,
  • perform the Meet qualification test,
  • help you tune your device to pass the Meet qualification test.

Find out more on our page dedicated to Google Meet Services.

To learn more about the protocol, please join us at the upcoming webinar “Introduction to the Google Meet Camera qualification protocol”.

The webinar is scheduled for
April 6, 2023 ( 4PM – 5PM CET and 7AM – 8AM PDT ) – Register here
April 7, 2023 3PM – 4PM (UTC+8) – Register here