Talk at Image Sensor Europe!

Our Image Quality Director Laurent Chanas will join the Image Sensor Europe (IS) conference from March 15-16 in London, United Kingdom! He will also give an interesting presentation on resolution and the trade-off between sensitivity and color accuracy. You can check the full agenda here.

Be sure not to miss our talk!
Theoretical maximum resolution of an image sensor, with regards to information capacity
Wednesday, March 15th – 12:15pm

The trade-off between sensitivity and color accuracy:

    • Background on color filters and Bayer choices
    • Color sensitivity metric
    • Information capacity of an image sensor:
    • Using the Shannon theorem, we show how to compute the information capacity of an image sensor
    • Examples of measurements
    • Theoretical maximum information capacity of a camera:
    • Using the wave-particle duality

See you all soon at IS London!