This IEEE-CPIQ compliant chart lets you evaluate texture preservation and noise. It features the standard dead leaves pattern for assessing texture preservation as well as 12 grey patches for assessing visual noise to help you characterize the noise-vs-texture tradeoff.

Produced by a specialized precision printer, this chart with specific markers lets you use Analyzer software to autonomously obtain ROI placement and all objective metrics. We test and calibrate each dead leaves chart in our labs before shipping to ensure the same results between two charts, and assign each chart a unique identification number to facilitate high traceability.

Key metrics:

  • Photo and video texture preservation
  • Texture and edge acutance
  • Ringing
  • Visual noise
  • Photo and video stabilization

Key features:

  • Size: 785 x 603 x 3 mm
  • Material: White Dibond
  • References:pdf TU0003_78_Ppdf TF0003_78 (chart frame)pdf EASEL_0003_MK2 (optional easel)
  • Standard: IEEE-CPIQ P1858 compliant