Traditional image quality measurement and tuning tools are not sufficient for camera modules that include more than a single sensor — for one thing, you have to calibrate the positions of all the imagers. Whether you are planning to use an array of imagers or a pair of cameras to provide a 3D view of the world, or a depth map for advanced gesture-based user interfaces, Analyzer’s Dual Camera & 3D module will help you benchmark and tune your product.

If you use our proprietary 3D Camera Bench and DOT chart, you can perform all of these measurements with just two test shots — reducing setup time from nearly 30 minutes to just a minute or two.

This solution includes essential hardware and software for analyzing stereoscopic devices and camera arrays. You can analyze the geometric camera parameters, the baseline, and the distortion of stereoscopic systems on pairs of photos. The module’s very flexible configuration can address a wide range of customer needs, ranging from the simplest software + chart package to a comprehensive package that includes our lab system and automated lighting system.

Key metrics:

  • Camera pose
  • Distortion curves
  • Focal points & focal lengths

Link to accessories and lighting:​

Measurement descriptions

Camera pose:

External calibration metrics include full 6-axis camera pose measurements (including 3 axes of rotation and 3 axes of translation) to accurately reconstruct 3D scenes.

Distortion curves:

The Dual-Cam & 3D Camera module also provides distortion profiles and polynomial models for multiple imagers to let you register image results more precisely.

Focal points & focal lengths:

Internal calibration metrics include measuring the actual focal length of each imager as well as the focus points in the image field.

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