Stabilization platforms – Hexapods


  • HEXAPOD_H860  Voice coil drives up to 15°.Hz and 30 mm.Hz


  • HEXAPOD_H840 Brushless motors up to 5.1°.Hz and 23 mm.Hz

Camera motion and subject motion are two of the hardest aspects of video quality to measure in an accurate and repeatable way. Analyzer’s Video and Stabilization module works seamlessly with our purpose-built hexapod shake table and control software to ensure that you’re testing your device against different kinds of camera movement. This high-precision shaking platform for image stabilization testing provides repeatable motions that simulate real-life movements.

Our two main models of stabilization platforms, called Hexapods, can help you simulate movement on your camera sensor or module.

Key features:

  • High velocity and dynamics
  • Minimal moved mass and inertia
  • Velocity up to 250 mm/s
  • Precise path tracking
  • Friction-free voice coil drive

Motorized rotation system
for realistic mannequins

A motorized platform designed to rotate realistic mannequins at controlled speeds and acceleration, simulating realistic head rotation.

Key features:

  • Size: 520 x 140–376 x 68 mm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Reference: ROT_REALMAN_001

Automated Moving Object MKIII – AMO

Autofocus testing requires defocusing multiple times during each photo session, which can be tedious and laborious. AMO’s automated Defocusing Object makes taking measurements easy and rapid with PC-controlled synchronization of the AF setup and automated image capture using a touchscreen digital trigger. Using AMO, you can fully automate autofocus testing from image capture in various lighting conditions to highly repeatable and accurate output.

Two components:
(1) Moving Background: Continuously moving chart that simulates scene motion at adjustable speed.
(2) Defocusing Object (foreground): Self-moving chart for resetting cameras to their reference setting. It can move outside of the camera FOV in less than 100 ms.

Reference: AMO_003R


  • Low position: 1364 mm
  • High position: 1964 mm
  • Max travel: 600 mm
  • Max speed: 2 m/s


  • Low position: 1025 mm
  • High position: 1625 mm
  • Max travel: 600 mm
  • Max speed: 2 m/s

Supports for charts – Easels

Our support solutions for charts are designed in different sizes and shapes to handle one or more charts at the same time.

References & datasheets:

  • pdf EASEL_0001 – 2000 x 608 x 2029 mm – Aluminum profiles – Large charts
  • pdf EASEL_D0102 – 1300 x 500 x 1876 mm – Aluminum profiles – Medium charts
  • pdf EASEL_S0002 – 1400 x 500 x 1916 mm – Aluminum profiles – DXOMARK chart
  • pdf EASEL_0003_MkII – 880 x 500 x 1621 mm – Aluminum profiles – Small charts
  • pdf EASEL_0004 – 857 x 700 x 1630 mm – Aluminum profiles – Kinoflo support