DXOMARK announces its 16th Laboratory – a Faraday Cage

March 5, 2021 – DXOMARK, a French technology company, has installed its 16th on-site laboratory, a Faraday cage, at its headquarters near Paris. The company, well known for its ratings of digital cameras and lenses, smartphones and wireless speakers, uses state-of-the-art multimedia laboratories to test the latest electronic products.

The Faraday cage will play an essential part in test protocols that are currently in development and scheduled for release this year. The Faraday cage is a specialized steel enclosure that can block external electromagnetic fields from interfering with tests being performed inside the lab. This means that an electronic device under test inside the lab will not receive any radio signal, Wi-Fi, or telecom network from outside, thus providing a controlled testing environment.

A growing French scaleup to watch

 The Faraday cage comes at a time when DXOMARK is moving its operations beyond camera testing. Since 2017, DXOMARK’s activities have rapidly expanded, leading the company to double its growth in a short period of time. In 2020, DXOMARK added two audio and two display labs to support its newest protocols in wireless speaker and smartphone display testing. Prior to that, DXOMARK had built 11 multimedia labs in a span of three years. The Faraday cage brings more diversity in the company’s testing capabilities.

As technologies and consumer habits evolve, DXOMARK is committed to provide the best-in class testing equipment and protocols that can help deliver better electronic products in the hands of the consumer.

DXOMARK’s Faraday Cage can be seen using the link provided: