A setup that perfectly matches a real use case

The Single Person Video-call setup simulates a real use case of a person interacting in a video conference call, and lets efficiently you test face exposure, color, and timing in multiple static and dynamic lighting conditions.

The setup integrate a realistic mannequin with dedicated advance face detail preservation metrics, color checker for color analysis and convergence, and a LED box for timing measurements. This is a standard setup to test quickly and easily all the key parameters for Video-Call applications.

Additional testing tools can extend the capability of this setup transmissive chart for high-dynamic range testing, or other realistic mannequins with different skin-tone.

Key Features:

  • Automated testing in both static and dynamicconditions
  • Compatibility with DXOMARK laptop & computingprotocols

Key Metrics:

  • Chart & face exposure: static + dynamic (convergence, overshoot, oscillation)
  • Color accuracy (convergence, overshoot, oscillation)
  • White balance (convergence, overshoot, oscillation)
  • Shutter time & latency