Meet our ultra realistic mannequins

These hyper-realistic mannequins are designed to facilitate image quality evaluation, each having a specified spectral response for skin tone and all the details of a real human face. Due to the static nature of these mannequins (compared to a real person who moves), test scenes using these mannequins are absolutely identical, making resulting measurements repeatable and reliable. Further, using a mannequin can save precious testing time for a lab operator. We have three mannequins, each with a different skin tone.These mannequins are produced by a specialized French provider. We test and measure the spectral response of each realistic head in our labs before shipping to ensure the same quality, and assign each mannequin a unique identification number to facilitate high traceability.

Eugene (pdf REALMAN_001):

• Size: 500 x 250 x 400 mm

Used in: HDR Portrait setup


• Size: 400 x 250 x 360 mm

Diana (pdf REALMAN_003):

• Size: 450 x 300 x 470 mm

Key metrics:

  • Exposure
  • Noise
  • Face detail preservation
  • Perceptual analysis

Key features:​

  • Material: Polyurethane foam, proprietary skin-like pigmentation, silicon, real hair, glass eyes
  • Add-on: Support trolley (SUPPORT_REALMAN) 895x445x1290mm
  • Add-on: Motorized rotation system for realistic mannequins (ROT_REALMAN_001)

How we made our Artificial head