A setup that perfectly matches a real use case

The HDR Portrait setup simulates a real use case of a person close to a window, and contains a realistic mannequin and a composite chart with a gemini that is capable of simulating HDR conditions. The composite chart lets you verify your camera’s ability to accurately reproduce colors, manage noise, and preserve contrast and texture in comparison with an objective reference. This setup provides repeatable and controlled conditions for testing portrait quality in HDR.

Two new AI-based metrics analyze facial detail preservation on the beard and eyes of the “Eugene” realistic mannequin, whose proprietary skin-like pigmentation fully matches the real use case.

Additionally, our software provides a comparison tool between the final captured image and the preview captured on the smartphone screen.

Key metrics:

  • Entropy
  • Contrast preservation (Local Contrast Indicator)
  • Exposure of the face
  • AI-based facial detail preservation (beard and eyes)

Links to accessories and lighting: