All your measurements in one AF-HDR setup

Key metrics:

  • Autofocus speed
  • Motion blur and equivalent exposure time
  • Accuracy
  • Repeatability
  • Visual noise
  • Texture preservation
  • Electronic rolling shutter characterization
  • Frame rate
  • Missing frames
  • Vertical blanking
  • Exposure time
  • Shutter release
  • Shooting time lags
  • HDR Photo Exposure

Analyzer lets you characterize your camera’s autofocus effectiveness with the greatest depth and precision. Using this setup the autofocus capability of your device is can be challenged by HDR lighting, handshaking and background moving object.

This module includes essential hardware (such as moving objects, dead leaves charts, and LED timer box) and software for performing a suite of timing and autofocus performance tests for digital cameras. You can analyze autofocus performance (sharpness, speed, repeatability), electronic rolling shutter (ERS), exposure time, vertical blanking, frame rate, missing frames, and time lags such as shooting time lag and shutter release time lag. Further, you use can perform multiple measurements using the same image or video, along with HDR measurements using the composite chart with a gemini.

You can use timing metrics for both video and still camera measurements, including electronic rolling shutter, exposure time, vertical blanking, frame rate, missing frames, and time lags (negative and positive). Our Timing module lets you measure the time between shutter trigger and release, as well as shot-to-shot time lag — key benchmarks for assessing cameras.

In addition, our software can compute objective metrics for motion blur evaluation using the background moving chart.

You can do all of these evaluations in various simulated conditions, such as handheld, using our stabilization platforms.

Link to accessories and lighting:​